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Please join us at our 23rd Annual NECA / CPES joint New England Energy Conference and Exposition on May 10 – 11, 2016.

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On April 13, 2016, the Connecticut Power and Energy Society (CPES) heard from representatives of the natural gas industry on infrastructure projects progressing within Connecticut and throughout New England.

Left to Right:
Michael Dirrane, Steve Leahy, Cynthia Armstrong, Gregg Therrien,  Robert Perless,  Chris Luca

As background, moderator Stephen Leahy, Vice President of Policy & Analysis for the Northeast Gas Association, explained that there are five interstate natural gas pipelines serving New England: (1) the Algonquin Gas Transmission Pipeline, (2) the Tennessee Gas Pipeline, (3) the Iroquois Gas Transmission System, (4) the Portland Natural Gas Transmission System, and (5) the Maritimes and Northeast Pipeline. There are also several liquefied natural gas (LNG) facilities serving the region, including Distrigas in Everett, Massachusetts and Canaport in Saint John, New Brunswick.

Michael Dirrane, Director of Marketing for Spectra Energy, discussed the infrastructure projects in progress and proposed along the Algonquin and Maritimes transmission systems, including the Algonquin Incremental Market (AIM) project, the Atlantic Bridge project, and the Access Northeast project. According to Dirrane, the AIM project will add 20% more gas capacity to the Algonquin pipeline, enabling additional supplies of Marcellus Shale gas to reach customers in Connecticut. The project has an in-service date of November 2016.

Cynthia Armstrong, Director of Marketing & Business Development for Portland Natural Gas Transmission System (PNGTS), provided background on PNGTS, which began serving New England in 1999 and now consists of more than 300 miles of pipeline. She explained that PNGTS delivers gas into the Algonquin and Tennessee pipelines, back-feeding the region’s natural gas transmission system from the east.

Rob Perless, Project Development Manager for Iroquois Gas Transmission System, provided background on the Iroquois system, which commenced operations in 1991 and was designed to bring Canadian gas down to the New York and New England markets. Perless provided an update on the Constitution Pipeline project, which has faced significant regulatory delays in the State of New York. Perless also provided an update on the project Iroquois plans to submit in response to the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection’s Request for Proposals (RFP) for natural gas expansion projects.

Gregg Therrien, Director of Gas Construction for Connecticut Natural Gas and The Southern Connecticut Gas Company, discussed expansion projects on the local gas distribution system in Connecticut. Many of these projects, he explained, were made possible by the 2013 Comprehensive Energy Strategy and legislation passed in 2014 to enable the recovery of costs associated with gas expansion projects over a 25-year period.

Christopher Luca, Program Manager of Gas Expansion for Eversource, discussed the Wilton, Connecticut expansion project, a 3.6-mile distribution system expansion project which began on August 1, 2014 and concluded on October 24, 2014. The project involved extensive community engagement to ensure construction met the Town’s desired timeline, particularly for a local school and the downtown business district. This project would not have been possible, Luca said, without the Comprehensive Energy Strategy and the legislation passed to implement it.

Connecticut Power and Energy Society Annual Conference Includes Remarks from Governor Dannel P. Malloy

On March 9, 2016, the Connecticut Power and Energy Society held its annual Energy, Environment and Economic Development Conference.

Fred Carstensen

The conference began with keynote remarks from Fred Carstensen, Professor of Finance and Economics at the University of Connecticut School of Business, who provided an overview of Connecticut’s economic outlook. Carstensen stressed Connecticut’s need for a more holistic vision and integrated approach to stimulating economic growth in the state.
Daniel Sosland

The conference also featured a keynote presentation by Daniel Sosland, President of Acadia Center, who discussed the shift toward a lower-carbon, consumer-focused energy future. Sosland stressed the importance of grid-modernization efforts to empower energy consumers and integrate greater levels of distributed energy resources.

The conference also featured panel discussions on energy leadership at the local level, advanced technology in energy storage, and regional energy solutions to address challenges facing the electric grid.


Katie DykesAfter an update from Katie Scharf Dykes, Deputy Commissioner for Energy at the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection, Governor Malloy addressed attendees on the efforts made at the state and regional level to achieve a cheaper, cleaner, more reliable energy future for Connecticut. Malloy highlighted the 2011 merger of the Department of Environmental Protection and Department of Public Utility Control to form the new Department of Energy and Environmental Protection with a coordinated approach to energy and environmental challenges confronting the state. Malloy also championed the creation of the Connecticut Green Bank, which expects to attract $500 million in private investment for clean energy projects by the end of the fiscal year. Finally, Malloy highlighted Connecticut’s leadership role in regional discussions on the need for additional investments in energy infrastructure in New England.


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Legislative Preview

DSC02433CPES and the CT Bar Association Energy, Public Utility and Communications Section held their annual Legislative Preview on  January 13, 2016. The panel included the leadership of the Energy and Technology Committee: Senator Paul Doyle, Co-Chair; Representative Lonnie Reed, Co-Chair; Senator Paul Formica, Ranking Member and Representative Tim Ackert, Ranking Member.

The Committee members discussed some issues that will be considered this session including community solar and virtual net metering. The Committee will hold a information gathering public hearings on February 9 and 11 in Hartford.



30th Anniversary Holiday Event

L to R: Jennifer Arasimowicz, David Silverstone, Robert Cables and Paul McCary

L to R: Jennifer Arasimowicz, David Silverstone, Robert Cables and Paul McCary

CPES celebrated 30 years of serving its members and the energy industry in Connecticut with a grand event a the historic Society Room in Hartford on December 9th. Highlights of the meeting included:

Panel: A look back at the past 30 years

  • Paul McCary, Partner, Murtha Cullina, and incorporating attorney for CPES (1994) and its predecessor the Connecticut Cogeneration Society (1985)
  • Jennifer Arasimowicz, Vice President, Managing Counsel, FuelCell Energy, Inc, and CPES past president
  • Robert Cables, Principal Analyst Wholesale Power Contracts, The United Illuminating Co., and CPES past president
  • David Silverstone, Chairman of the Board, Science Park Development Corp., former Partner, Silverstone & Koontz, and counsel to many early independent power projects

Gordon van Welie, President and CEO, ISO New England: The transformation of the region’s power system and a look ahead to the electric grid of the future.  Click here for a copy of his presentation.

CPES also honored Arlene Hiller who has managed our meetings and worked for the Society for 30 years.







November 4, 2015: New England Clean Energy RFP

The Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection is coordinating with the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources and utilities from Massachusetts and Rhode Island on a mult-state RFP to identify projects that will help advance the clean energy goals of the three states. The RFP is intended to obtain grid-scale Class I and large-scale hydropower resources and associated transmission.  Our panel included:

  • Tracy Babbidge, Bureau Chief, Energy & Technology, Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection
  • Timothy Brennan, Director, Regulatory Strategy, National Grid


WTD2015October 7, 2015: What’s the Deal? 21st Century Energy Conference

DSC00964Sathya Motupally, Phd, Chief Operating Officer, Dooson Fuel Cell America, Inc.





DSC00971CPES President Joey Lee Miranda introduces panel discussion on Energy Efficiency and Sustainability: Commercial and Institutional Success Stories





21258089036_6847fc526a_mSeptember 9, 2015 Meeting: Competitive Transmission.

The Connecticut Power and Energy Society (CPES) and New England Women in Energy and the Environment (NEWIEE) held their first meeting of the 2015-16 season September 9, in Hartford with a joint networking event and a conversation about an emerging approach to electric transmission development in New England.  Click here for more.


CPES-logoCPES on the Move: President’s Report

If your summer is anything like mine, you are busy juggling work, volunteer and family activities, and hopefully taking some vacation time to replenish your personal energy supply.

While we’re juggling all of that, I’m excited to report that CPES has been putting together a great lineup of programs for the summer and to kick off our 2015‒16 season. We’ve made several enhancements based on recent feedback from our members. We will continue to hold our monthly meetings and plan several energy conferences with our partners, but we will be trying out some new meeting formats and locations to better accommodate where people work and their busy schedules. I think you’re going to like where we’re headed.  Click here for more…


CPES Policy Committee Meeting – August 13, Hartford

The Connecticut Power and Energy Society hosted a kick-off meeting Thursday, August 13 for a new Policy Committee. For the first meeting, the committee heard reports on energy policy developments from the General Assembly’s 2015 legislative session from staff attorneys in the legislature and at the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection. We also heard from staff at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s new office in New England. Finally, the meeting provided an opportunity to discuss the objectives for the committee and future topics.  Click here for more information.



New England Energy Conference & Expo

May 12-13, 2015, Mystic Marriott Hotel, Groton, CT.

Click here to view panel handouts/slides.


Tour of Mystic Seaport sponsored by TRC. Click on photo to see more photos of the tour.