Advisory Committee:
The Advisory Committee gives the CPES Board of Directors a variety of viewpoints to inform the board on its strategic objectives. The Committee’s members have expertise, experience and backgrounds in the energy industry or other fields that will offer valuable insights to the organization based on each member’s professional experience in Connecticut and the broader Northeast region and backgrounds in business, government, and academia. Advisory committee members have been appointed to serve for a one-year term, which may be extended for additional one year terms upon mutual agreement.

The members of the Advisory Committee are:

  • Jennifer Arasimowicz, Vice President, Commercial Counsel, FuelCell Energy
  • Brian Forshaw, Chief Risk and Regulatory Officer, Connecticut Municipal Electric Energy Cooperative
  • Melanie Bachman, Acting Executive Director, Connecticut Siting Council
  • Lee Langston, Professor Emeritus, School of Engineering, UConn
  • Janet Gail Besser, VP Policy and Government Affairs, New England Clean Energy Council
  • Heather Hunt, Executive Director, New England States Committee on Electricity
  • Anthony Kosior, Director, Utilities and Engineering, Yale University

Communications Committee:
Includes public relations (outside CPES), how we communicate to our members and how we market to potential members and market meetings and conferences.

  • Eric Johnson, ISO New England, Chair
  • Alex Isaac, Starion Energy
  • Joey Lee Miranda, Robinson & Cole
  • Mike Conway, Pennoni Associates
  • Carolyn O’Connor, HQ US

Executive Committee:
Executive Committee is authorized to make decisions on behalf of the entire board between board meetings and assist the President in managing the board. The Treasurer along with the President will conduct evaluation of staff annually.

  • Eric Johnson, ISO New England, President
  • Rich Shaw, DCO Energy LLC, Vice President
  • Carolyn O’Connor, HQ US, Treasurer
  • Gregg Therrien, Concentric Energy Advisors

Membership Committee:
Recruit new members and renew current members. Develop membership programs and services in coordination with other committees.

  • Carolyn O’Connor, HQ US, Chair
  • Dave Krochko, Woodard & Curran
  • Patrick McDonnell, United Illuminating
  • Alex Isaac, Starion Energy
  • Kristin Corbett, Starion Energy

New Energy Professionals Committee:
Provide networking opportunities and educational programming for new professionals in the energy industry.

  • Alexandrea Isaac, Starion Energy
  • Kerry Schlichting, ISO New England
  • Graham Coates, Murtha Cullina
  • Alex Judd, Day Pitney
  • Kate Boucher, Locke Lord LLP
  • Kristen Corbett, Starion Energy
  • John Ellis, Terracon Consultants 

Nominations Committee:
Develops recommendations for the slate of candidates for election of Officers and adminsters the ongoing proliferation of individuals to sustain a proactive Board of Directors of the organization in compliance with Bylaws and in concert with all policies for diversity/inclusion.

  • Mike Conway, Pennoni Associates, Chair
  • Edna Karanian, Eversource 
  • Mike Smalec, National Grid
  • Adam Ney, CBIA

Programming Committee:
Plans regular meetings of the membership, conferences, etc. Holds open meeting during the summer to plan programs for the coming year.

  • Eric Johnson, ISO New England, Chair
  • Joel Rinebold, CCAT
  • Gregg Therrien, Concentric Energy Advisors
  • Edna Karanian, Eversource Energy

Policy Committee:
Review proposed and new legislation and regulation at monthly meetings to develop short monthly report to membership.

  • Alex Isaac, Starion Energy
  • Kerry Schlichting, ISO New England
  • Alex Judd, Day Pitney
  • Graham Coates, Murtha Cullina
  • Kate Boucher, Locke Lord LLP

Governance Committee:
Responsible for ensuring the organizatinal documents, regulatory filings and Board handbook are up to date.

  • Joey Lee Miranda, Robinson + Cole, Chair
  • Fred Klein, Pullman & Comley, LLC
  • Rich Shaw, DCO Energy LLC
  • Mike Smalec, PURA
  • John Meeske