New Energy Professionals

Announcing an exclusive sponsorship for the 2018 New Energy Professionals (NEP) committee,events and Rising Star Award.

For $2,500, your company can financially support the NEP and simultaneously receive recognition as their sponsor in connection to all NEP activities throughout 2018 – Including CPES website, newsletter, social media, and at the events.

 In 2017, CPES saw enormous success with its New Energy Professional program.  Over 90  individuals representing 60 companies attended a CPES event as a NEP.  The NEP Committee hosted PURA 101 and Energy Legislation 101 bringing new and seasoned professionals together to strengthen their knowledge and understanding of how Connecticut’s regulators and legislators work within our industry.  CPES also presented the first New Energy Professional Rising Star Award at The Future of Energy Conference and Exposition.

NEP is already busy planning events for 2018.  For $2,500, your organization can be the committee’s exclusive sponsor partner for all NEP events.  If you are interested, please contact Kathryn Dube

Thank you in advance for your consideration!

Congratulations to Starion Energy’s Kristin Corbett!
NEP’s First Rising Star Awardee

Now Offering a 101 Series
“The goal of the 101 series is to provide a meaningful overview of state agencies and businesses with whom professionals in our industry interact.  While this series was established with our New Energy Professionals in mind, all are welcome.” – Alex Isaac, NEP Group Member


CPES New Energy Professionals Committee guides and assists recently joined CPES members and those new to the industry as they become acclimated and involved within the organization.

This group is not limited to age range or years of experience.  We welcome everyone to reach out to us.  Lead members of the committee will seek out New Energy Professional members at events and make sure they are teamed with senior members who will help with initial networking introductions.  They will also offer guidance on how to make the best use of time with CPES AND how CPES can best help to further the New Energy Professional’s career path; bringing value back to the organization which they represent.

We hope that many members will take advantage of these efforts and we look forward to the beneficial aspects we can all bring to each other!

“The people who attend CPES meetings regularly are the folks who are making things happen in the industry.  They have both the network and knowledge base required to effectuate growth and change.  If you are serious about working in the Connecticut energy and power industry, these are the people you want to add to your network.  I am happy to support you as you begin your experience with the CPES.  The New Energy Professionals Committee can be a resource for you to help you get involved in the aspects of the industry and of CPES that are of most interest you. I would be happy to introduce you to our members at your first few meetings of this amazing group.  I look forward to meeting you.”

– Alexandrea L. Isaac, Esq., General Counsel, Starion Energy, Inc.


Who is Eligible to be a New Energy Professional?

This group is not limited to age range or years of experience.  We welcome everyone to reach out to us.   We are happy to be a resource for you and will help introduce you around during your first few visits at our meetings.  Once you are acclimated, you are always welcome to connect with us on how to get involved in different parts of the organization.

What Should I Expect at My First Few Meetings?

  • For your first few visits, your name tag will have a ribbon on it so that folks know that you are new to the group and will give extra energy to introducing you around.
  • We will also have a sheet for you with the New Energy Professional leaders photographs and names on it.  This will make it easy for you to find us.  We will also be looking for you.
  • At the start of the meeting, we will be announcing the new members in the room and have you stand up so people also know to greet you.  You will not be expected to say anything.  We will just let people know your name and affiliation.

Should I Contact Someone Ahead of Attending My First Meeting?

We will review meeting attendance lists ahead of the meeting, but hearing directly from you would be very helpful too!  Please feel free to reach out to the CPES Executive Director, Kathryn Dube at or (203) 265-0823.

How Do I Find Out About CPES Events?

The best way to keep up-to-date about what is going on with the CPES is to sign up for our weekly electronic newsletter by clicking here.  You can also find information on our website and through social media.  (Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn)