CPES Policy Committee Update: June 28, 2016

This update features policy, regulatory, legislative, and regional developments in Connecticut and New England. The policy updates are compiled by a team recently formed with support from CPES, known as the New Energy Professionals. If you are interested in learning more about the New Energy Professionals, the Policy Committee, or if you have ideas for future policy updates, we would welcome your input and feedback. Please send comments to Paul Brady, CPES Executive Director, via email: pbrady@ctpower.org.

This week’s features:

  • Connecticut Legislation – Acts Affecting Energy Posted
  • Low Usage and Wholesale Prices in May
  • Development of the Next Solar Incentive in Neighboring Massachusetts


Connecticut Legislation

The Office of Legislative Research has published its summary of the 2016 Acts Affecting Energy & Utilities, which is available at the following link.

Information about the Energy and Technology Committee, including committee meetings and public hearings, is available at: https://www.cga.ct.gov/et/.


Regional and Industry Developments

May’s Electricity Usage and Average Prices for Natural Gas and Wholesale Power Were Among the Lowest Since 2003

New England’s total demand for electricity during May added up to the sixth-lowest energy consumption for any month in the last 16 years, and the price of natural gas was the fifth-lowest of any month since 2003. As a result, the average wholesale power price in May was the third-lowest since March 2003, when New England’s current wholesale electricity markets were launched. Continued mild weather, as well as the region’s growing use of energy-efficiency measures and behind-the-meter solar, are the likely reasons for low energy consumption during the month.

For more information, visit the ISO Newswire.


Massachusetts – Next Solar Incentive

The Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources (DOER) is in the process of designing a new solar incentive program pursuant to Chapter 75 of the Acts of 2016 signed into law by Governor Baker on April 11, 2016. DOER is working to create a long-term sustainable solar incentive program to promote cost-effective solar development in the Commonwealth. Written comments will be accepted ending on June 30, 2016 and may be addressed to DOER.SREC@state.ma.us.